Why Care About the Courts?

Why should you care about the courts?

We need a healthy judiciary in order to have a healthy democracy.  While the Congress makes the laws and the President carries out the law and leads the nation, it is the responsibility of the courts to uphold the Constitution and interpret the laws.  Every day, normal Americans turn to the courts in order to settle disputes and to seek justice.  It is of vital importance that we have well-qualified judges who believe in upholding the law sitting in every courtroom in America.  Goodwin Liu would be just such a judge.

Out of 875 judgeships in the federal court system, today approximately 102 currently are vacant—more than 1 in 10.   Nearly half of these vacancies qualify as “judicial emergencies.” This is a critical time for the federal judiciary–the judiciary cannot function if there are not enough judges to fill our courts.  We need to urge every member of the U.S. Senate to confirm well-qualified judicial nominees like Goodwin Liu so that every American can get timely access to our courts.


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